2011Directed by: Aleksander Dembski

Basia from Podlachia

A bitter comedy of manners with a bit of a love story. Dutchman Evert is fascinated by the romantic image of Polish women created by the Internet. Therefore, he decides to find a wife in Poland. One way to find the right candidate is… having a casting. Dembski shows in a satirical way differences in perceiving the contemporary world by people from Eastern and Western Europe. The absurdity of everyday life, which we don’t want to see, with every moment shows more and more in this story about the meeting of different sensibilities.

director: Aleksander Dembski
screenplay by: Aleksander Dembski, Daniel Odjia, Marcin Wołkowicz
DoP: Adam Nocoń
sound: Jarosław Bajdowski
production manager: Adam Papliński
II director: Marcin Wołkowicz
costumes: Elżbieta Ciszewska
make-up: Olga Dackiewicz
lightning: Mariusz Pieńkos
set designer: Anna Koseska
editing: Marek Wlezień

cast: Michael Austrup, Arkadiusz Cyran, Joanna Turkowska

producer: Studio Munka – Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich
co-producer: TVP
co-producer: Andersa Street Art and Media
executive producer: Bożena Krakówka
co-financed by: Polish Film Institute

Aleksander Dembski

Aleksander Dembski - studied Polish philology and philosophy at the University of Łódź. In 1999 he graduated in directing form the Department of Radio and Television of the Silesian University in Katowice. His amateur films won awards in Poland and internationally, including Gold Medal at the UNICA Festival for his film "Paper Sun"(Papierowe Słońce). After graduation he created documentary films such as “CROSS” for TVP 1 and independent documentaries such as "K2 - On the Edge"(K2-Na krawędzi) that  won awards in Poland and abroad (among others - the Grand Prix and the Audience Award at the 2. Mountain Film Festival in Krakow).


  • Najlepszy film fabularny w konkursie Polskie Filmy Krótkometrażowe na 11.Międzynarodowym Festiwalu Filmowym Nowe Horyzonty, Wrocław 2011
  • Wyróżnienie w Konkursie Krótkometrażowych Debiutów Filmowych za fabułę, Koszalin 2011